A curious inspiration lit

The edges of my grief;

My collection of loss, caressed


By time, love, memory

Truly is a cornerstone


To living.

Tie was sewn from fragments of fabric cut from the contributions below

Evelyn Blondin – d. 2007 at 94 years old

Each day was something to look forward to; mom had a way about her that lit up the entire room and the people in it. Some of her favourite things were the young kids, pets, flower gardens and plants, playing cards, and her favourite colourful housecoats...She was always the cornerstone of the Blondin family...She will always be remembered and loved.

Myrtle Genevieve Matteson Leatherman – d. 2002 at 94 years old

The lovely light green knit wedding suit was a classy outfit for a classy, well-educated, beautiful young lady…It seems very special as it was not the usual white long gown. The earth green, the colour of new leaves, perhaps a symbol of the abundant life. The knit texture points to the woven, interconnectedness of all of life...Mom's wedding dress, her writings, and all the fond memories are like hidden treasures.

Hazel Valentine Rawlinson – d. 1999 at 87 years old

This dress belonged to my Gran…She gave it to me about twenty years ago. Although I never saw her wear it, this dress sums her up: vibrant, extroverted, outspoken, beautiful…This dress also represents the love (and loss) I feel for all my grandparents…They taught me so much. I have many good memories of them and they are always with me.

Phil Thomas – d. 2007 at 85 years old

My memories of my friend Phil date back to when I was probably six or seven, at my family's Christmas party…He was curious about everything and everyone…At Phil's Celebration of Life, a silent auction was held to help raise funds for a memorial bench...I bought his collection of caps. Phil designed and sewed them all himself, to wear when he visited the UBC Library, which was air conditioned. Phil's head was decidedly lacking any natural protection from the cold. The caps strike me as so whimsical, yet utterly practical for their purpose. That's Phil.

Earl and Mary Redmond – d. at Earl (age 79) and Mary (age 82) years old

The caressing waves of time can soften the sharpest edges of grief and transform it into treasured memories. Thank you Mom and Dad for all the love and memories. Loves it! Loves it! Loves it!

Andrew Thomas Elliott Ryall – d. 2006 at 28 years old

Andrew's shirt is a strong visceral, physical and symbolic reminder of our precious son. It is symbolic of his growth into the working world, taking on responsibility and earning a living. This shirt is from his first real job, which he held for five years until his death. Andrew loved his job. He was a courtesy clerk at Sobey's in Acton, ON, but we called him "buggy boy!"...I can still see his distinct gait, the result of cerebral palsy, a condition that made a physical job even more of a challenge...In their last ad for the year, Sobey's published this: "Andrew was truly an inspiration to us all. It has been our privilege to have been part of his life and we hope that Andrew knew what a profound impact he has had on all our lives."

Gregory Haffey – d. 1987 at 13 years old

Greg wore these pants with a pride that resembled that of a soldier in a moment of glory. The beloved pants became worn and faded but never discarded as he faced and endured and lost his greatest battle, his fight with a ravenous disease that ultimately took his life...Greg, our gentle warrior, had the makings of a great soldier. He show courage in the face of adversity...He left us all with a legacy of hope.