Lisa Bissett

d. 2007

at 37 years old

This is the skirt my sister, Lisa, wore for my 30th birthday celebration with family. I have very fond memories of that evening…I remember thinking she looked really great that night…Living without Lisa: It's still new and since she and I haven't lived in the same city in about twenty years, in some ways it doesn't feel very different. Except that it is...It feels weird to be two now instead of three Bissett kids...I'm the middle child, and at some level I guess I have this image of the three of us, with Todd on one side of me and Lisa on the other. I have this hard-to-describe feeling that something is not at my shoulder that should be. I don't actually look around to see what's missing, but it is almost like a physical feeling.

Lisa Bissett's garment is incorporated into the Red Dress.