Leslie Elizabeth Bruce

d. 2006

at 26 years old

Leslie, I remember taking you to Camp Glenburn for the first time; you cried when I left because you didn't want to stay at summer camp. Two weeks later, when I arrived to take you home, you cried again; this time because you didn't want to leave camp and your new friends...For several summers you insisted on going to Camp Glenburn as a camper, then as a Counselor-in-Training, and working as a Junior and then as a Senior Counselor. You became Director of the Counselor-in-Training program and later the Environmental Director...You loved wearing this t-shirt. I'm glad I have it to hold. It reminds me of your activism. I remember you telling me that it was Camp Glenburn that ignited the spark within you...Like the shirt I am holding, you held true to your convictions throughout your life, living it to the fullest.

Leslie Elizabeth Bruce's garment is incorporated into the Red Dress.