Findlay Paterson Bergstra

d. 2006

at 23 years old

This sweatshirt was a gift from Findlay's friends, David and Allison, and one of his favourite items of clothing. As I write this, I am sitting in Findlay's room and thinking of all the memories, associations and attachments that being part of this project has aroused...My son's physical disabilities limited many of his activities. One of the things he could not do was his own laundry...As a consequence, his clothes continued to be as familiar to me as my own. After his death, I simply did his laundry, put away his clothes as I always had, and left them in their accustomed place...Letting go of this object, letting it become part of a renewal and a recreation, will perhaps help me to do the same.

Findlay Paterson Bergstra's garment is incorporated into the Blue Dress.