Andrew Thomas Elliott Ryall

d. 2006

at 28 years old

Andrew's shirt is a strong visceral, physical and symbolic reminder of our precious son. It is symbolic of his growth into the working world, taking on responsibility and earning a living. This shirt is from his first real job, which he held for five years until his death. Andrew loved his job. He was a courtesy clerk at Sobey's in Acton, ON, but we called him "buggy boy!"...I can still see his distinct gait, the result of cerebral palsy, a condition that made a physical job even more of a challenge...In their last ad for the year, Sobey's published this: "Andrew was truly an inspiration to us all. It has been our privilege to have been part of his life and we hope that Andrew knew what a profound impact he has had on all our lives."

Andrew Thomas Elliott Ryall's garment is incorporated into the Tie.