Collecting Loss couldn’t have come together without the generous support from the large community of people who helped sustain it throughout all of its different phases. Karen and I were so deeply honoured to be entrusted with all the contributions of clothing, story, and memories, which ultimately enabled this project emerge and flourish beyond our expectations. We were extremely grateful for the countless emails of encouragement from the public, as well as the very well attended exhibit. Thank you to the press and the reporters who chose this project to write or speak about, for without that it would not have touched the amount of people that it did.

We are also thankful to all the artists who contributed their skills and their time to help document the works and disseminate them in the website and exhibit. They are as follows:

  • Michael O’Brian (photography for original contributions),
  • Justine LaTour (photography final pieces).
  • Laura Regev (photography final pieces),
  • Don Goodes (Website design and construction),


Finally, we are thankful to the Canada Arts Council for generously funding the project, as well as Forces Avenir, who supported the project through it’s Projet Par Excellence Award.